New Regulations Coming To The Debt Help Industry

The crushing amount of debt that is carried by many people is becoming a national problem. People from all walks of life are seeing their savings turn into greater amounts of debt. This has meant that those who are in need of debt help are now greater in number. Now, there is a new bill […]

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Massachusetts Moves into the 21st Century

When clients consult with us about filing bankruptcy in Massachusetts we are forced to make a decision concerning what exemptions they wanted to claim. In the past, the choice was easy, if our client had more than $20,000 in equity in their home, then we would choose the Massachusetts exemptions in order to take advantage […]

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Application for Supplementary Process (SP): What Now?

If you have been served by a deputy sheriff or constable, or by first class mail, a document entitled “Application for Supplementary Process,” your problems with debt have become very serious. Your Creditor(s) have already obtained a judgment for money against you in a separate legal proceeding. In all likelihood, you have received a copy of the complaint, relevant motions, and judgment associated with that proceeding. Supplementary process is the next step that enables creditors to collect monies owed to them.

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Dealing With Telephone Calls from Debt Collectors and Creditors

If you owe money to a creditor and do not timely pay your debts, or are delinquent, you will inevitably receive telephone calls from your creditors or debt collectors.

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Your Credit Card Company Raised Your Rates – What Can You Do About It?

Just one question…How many of you reading this post had their credit card interest rate raised or minimum payment raised before February this year? My guess is nearly everyone did. Why you may ask? Well, despite the typical corporate greed reasons, the answer is simple.

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