Application for Supplementary Process (SP): What Now?

If you have been served by a deputy sheriff or constable, or by first class mail, a document entitled “Application for Supplementary Process,” your problems with debt have become very serious. Your Creditor(s) have already obtained a judgment for money against you in a separate legal proceeding. In all likelihood, you have received a copy of the complaint, relevant motions, and judgment associated with that proceeding. Supplementary process is the next step that enables creditors to collect monies owed to them.

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What is a “charge-off” and what does that mean for me now?

Your lenders will generally “write off” a delinquent account as a bad debt after 180 days, or six months. Most lenders attempt to collect their debts for a period of 180 days, and then, after that period, issue a “charge off.” This action is reported to the consumer reporting agencies (such as Experian) and will appear as a “charge off” or as “collection” on your credit report.

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Vacation Properties / Second Homes No Longer Safe in a Chapter 13 Proceeding in Massachusetts

Judge William C. Hillman, United States Bankruptcy Judge for the District of Massachusetts, recently issued a ruling that a Debtor’s Chapter 13 plan cannot be confirmed if a portion of the Debtor’s income is used to pay monthly expenses associated with a vacation property or second home.

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Dealing With Telephone Calls from Debt Collectors and Creditors

If you owe money to a creditor and do not timely pay your debts, or are delinquent, you will inevitably receive telephone calls from your creditors or debt collectors.

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